Photo: Małgorzata Marczuk

Taida Tarabuła

Born in Lubań Śl., Lower Silesia, PL

Lives & works in Warsaw, PL


I am a member of the Union of Polish Artist Photographers (ZPAF). In the past I also belonged to Polish Association of Nature Photographers (ZPFP). I have some experience as a photoeditor  ("Życie Warszawy"). I cooperate with FORUM Polish Photography Agency and publish my pictures in many press titles, as well as in albums and books. I have been an academic teacher for 30 years. In 2008 I started my own business that focuses on photo-educational work and dealing with pet's photography.

More important awards:

  • 1st prize in Nudes & Figures cat. for the series "Yin-Yang" in the 13th Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Woman Photographers, 2019

  • 1st prize in Nature/Trees cat.  for the series "Deep Into" in IPOTY 2016 contest (International Photographer of the Year)

  • Bronze medal in  Self-portrait cat. for the series  "Polish Couple"  (together with Przemek Wierzchowski) in TIFA 2016 contest (Tokyo International Foto Awards) 

  • 2nd prize  in Self-Portrait cat. for the series  "Polish Couple"  (together with Przemek Wierzchowski) in IPA 2016 contest (International Photo Awards)

  • Silver medal for "Pets" series awarded by International Art Magazine Art Ascent 2014

  • 1st Honorable Mention in Animals cat. for the picture "The Beasts" in National Geographic Photo Contest 2008

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